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❝The world would be a sadder place without you because you are the only you we have.❞

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What Awesome People Are Saying

“If it’s possible for a book to alter your outlook on life for the better, this is the one! Anjali’s perspective on life’s ups and downs is so insightful, and I feel like if each of us took a page out of her book, we’d probably be kicked out of the bookstore, so probably better to just get the whole thing. For anyone who is looking for a jolt of positivity in a complex world, look no further.”

Jason Ritter

“I’ve always been the person who instinctively dodges the often-pretentious self-help book experience, but what Anjali does here is connect as a person through humor, introspection, and authenticity that are as infectious as her in-person self. Such a fun and lovely read that allows real, helpful lessons and necessary reevaluations to sneak through in unexpected and wonderful ways!”

Matthew Mercer
Jason Ritter
Matthew Mercer

“This book feels like a late night chat with a wise friend/big sister who has really listened to you and is sharing her similar experiences. Whether what you take from this book is good advice or simply the feeling that you’re not alone in your struggles, Anjali writes with such a feeling of solidarity that you never feel preached to, only supported. I will definitely be coming back to some of those sections in times of need!”

The Book You Didn’t Know You Need

“There are so many books that offer inspiration or techniques and often they fall flat, gathering dust on the shelf. But not this book. This one is exciting and fun just in the way author Anjali Bhimani shares so many of her wildly exciting adventures and equally exciting friends and colleagues. For fans of her superhero gaming character Symetra of Overwatch like my nephews or her tv work on some of my favorite shows like my new favorite Ms. Marvel, getting behind-the-scene and real life of stories is so cool! For the entertainment value alone, this book is well worth it. But it’s so much more.

Reading more like a conversation with your dearest, most supportive friend, “I Am Fun Size, And So Are You” is the compassionate inspiration that we all need, now. Not only does she share some really good techniques, she makes you feel she’s right there with you. I got my first copy through her launch program and it’s already become more of a workbook, so good I’m getting it in every format she offers! I’m excited with this Kindle edition to be able to take a copy with me on my phone so I can keep her positive voice up front and center wherever I am. It’s absolutely going to be one of my go-to gifts for anyone needing their hearts lifted. And that’s pretty much all of us these days. I love this book so much, and you will too!”

Cat Stone

Most Down to Earth Writing:)
“I absolutely love reading this book. Anjali has a way of flowing through beautiful stories with charisma and comedy, and it almost feels like she’s telling you a story in her living room. I love the tid bits of advice and tips on moving through the mud- but it never feels like she’s talking from a higher place. She’s grounded and connected as if it’s a friend helping you through bad times. I love that she recommends you to only take what serves you, and let the rest be a fun anecdote. Highly recommend this book!!!”

Carolina Ravassa

Authenticity in Spades!
“If you’ve been fortunate enough to watch any of Anjali’s “I Am Fun Size” videos on YouTube, you know how enthusiastic and generous she can be. This book captures all of her excitement and then some! Her desire to help people simply pours off the page. Her writing style is casual, accessible, and above all, relatable. Anjali holds nothing back. Her willingness to share her struggles and her vulnerability will reassure you that you’re not alone. It will also help inspire you to find your own confidence and courage. More than anything, she encourages you to find your own path. Everyone’s “Fun Size” is unique to them and Anjali is eager to help you find yours.”

Crispin Freeman
Carolina Ravassa
Crispin Freeman